DEEP HEAT - Book Sports and Fitness model Adrian James


Source models have a dedicated fitness page and quite often get asked to supply professional body and fitness models for photo shoots and TV commercials. Our most recent commercial, for Deep Heat, staring our very own Adrian James, is currently airing on the usual terrestrial and satellite channels. The ad follows the tried-and-tested formula that typifies all sports commercials, the brief was produce a TV commercial to increase brand awareness for Deep Heat and to demonstrate graphically how the product targets muscular pain and follows a tried and test formula:

1. Close-up of the athlete’s chiselled torso.
2. The Science Bit: Computer graphic overlay depicting the muscular structure beneath the skin. The Deep Heat is applied and works its soothing magic.
3. Later: Now free of pesky muscular pain, the toned athlete sprints off the starting blocks, complete with close-ups of his muscular torso

Filming an athlete on a Phantom camera at 1000fps, the production company were able to create a highly stylised look for the ad and create changes of pace throughout to help show the product in action.
Visual effects were added throughout including muscular definition, and the interior of the injured muscle. Flow lines to show the speed and flow of the athlete once the pain has diminished were also added both in front and behind the athlete.

The result is a stunning commercial which highlights the benefits of the product in a very clear way. The ad is now airing on all major channels across the UK and Ireland.

So there you go: it’s hardly BAFTA-winning stuff, but as a 30-second commercial for Deep Heat, it’s perfect. Also taken were a number of still shots witch are currently appearing in a uk press campaign.

You can view the current commercial by clicking on the images above or here

Adrian James is one of busiest commercial models, as well as appearing in a number of fitness campaigns Adrian has shot for numerous other commercial clients this year. Adrian is also an actor having studied drama at The Jackie Palmer Stage School and has over 10 years acting experience, appearing in popular television shows such as Eastenders and Only Fools and Horses as well as lots of different TV commercials. To find out Adrian's availability then please contact