Who we are

Since forming in 2004, Source Models UK has achieved many years of continual growth and is now firmly established as one of the United Kingdom's leading commercial model agencies. Representing 100's of professional models at all ages, we also recognised the importance of a diverse portfolio in terms of category; Presenters, actors, characters and groups are all easily identified and we are very pleased to have established one of the largest databases of ethnic artiste's across the country.

We are proud of our continual progression, especially during recessions and most recently Covid -19. Regardless of growth, every booking has and will continue to be personally overseen by co-founders Paula Harrison and Dave Gibbs; they have over 50 years of combined experience. All competitive businesses need an edge and our clients tell us that this is ours.

What we do

Model selection and logistical planning can be a mine field; by knowing the entire model portfolio and having handled thousands of bookings, we can ensure efficiency for both artiste and clients. Service levels are closely scrutinised and where deals are needed, we have the experience to expedite a successful negotiation.

Our jobs are hugely varied and so are our clients; We deal with Casting Directors, Production Companies, Ad Agents and Photographers as well In-house marketing departments and Company Directors. You will see our models in TV Commercials Worldwide, on sides of buses, Billboards, Magazines, Posters as well as on Social media, Websites and interactive media. Our standards are the same for our small clients and for some of the largest companies in the World.

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