Next Portfolio day 5th November 2016

We loved doing last weeks kids shoot with our photographer Frances Burns. A mixture of New Faces for the agency as well as headshot updates for some of our existing models. For the first time we opened it up for Parents that just wanted nice pics of their kids and moving forward we shall always keep a couple of extra spots free for this.
Such a lovely group of kids. We try so hard to create a relaxed and fun environment but at the same time it gives kids an opportunity to experience a photoshoot with lots going on and having someone else direct them etc. I was so impressed with our new models. Cant wait to get them on the books.

Our next shoot, and the only one we have time to do this side of Xmas, is on the 5th November. We offer 4-6 looks, 20-30 photos all for £125.00 including Agency Direction and Styling advice. No hidden charges. Please email me or DM on here if you want to be considered for one of the slots. They are always full.



Every week I speak to Parents that have been hoodwinked in going up to London for so called ‘Assessment days’ then pressured in to spending hundreds, sometimes in excess of a £1000 for model portfolios. In most cases these images look so dated, kids heavily made up and with no experience of what clients look for in the commercial sector. Just one big rip off in my opinion. This is one of the reasons we offer this.