New Faces in 2014

2014 saw lots of new faces join Source Models and we’re happy to welcome them to our ever growing portfolio of fantastic commercial models.  
Some of the new faces we’ve taken on recently can be found here and  include brand new child model Isabella Render, who is so new to our books she hasn’t even had her first assignment yet, but we know she will do soon. We’ve also welcomed the very handsome male model Thomas Weston and gorgeous Female model, Frederica Kitchen (pictured above). 
As a commercial agency we look for models of all ages and our classic section is always expanding, classic model Una is one of our most recent. We’re also on the lookout for actors and presenters with special skills which are very much in demand from our clients so models and actor Alex Agricola, who has skills in Archery, Italian and Stage Combat, is a welcome addition. And finally, we love getting new family groups, especially ‘real families’ who work so naturally together, new faces in this category include all 4 of the Roberts family (pictured below).
Roberts Family
If you’ve been thinking about commercial modelling in 2015 then take some time over the Christmas period to have a look at what we offer, start by reading our new model FAQ’s and if you feel ready then apply to join our model agency or contact us for more information.
We’re always looking out for new faces to represent the clients we work for, including child models, teenage models, female and male models and family groups, as well as specialist models, actors and presenters.