How to keep your skin photo-ready this winter

A models skin is one of their top tools and as with any trade you’ll want to keep your tools in the best shape. This is even more important this time of year when cold weather, central heating, and the inevitable party season are all conspiring against us, but with some simple tips you can keep your skin healthy this winter:
  • Hydration, inside and outside is important – drink lots of water, use a good moisturiser and avoid too much alcohol it dehydrates all of your organs, don’t forget that your skin is your largest organ and dehydrated skin doesn't look good in photo's.


  • Get plenty of sleep - limit late nights, especially if you've got an assignment coming up, bags and dark circles round the eyes are a dead give-away and difficult to cover up. You might see top fashion models falling out of nightclubs in the tabloids, but I bet they haven’t got a shoot the next day.


  • Have days without make-up -  give your skin a chance to properly breathe and make sure you remove all of your make-up thoroughly with something gentle and natural but with great cleansing power, most people try lots of brands until they find one that suits them so persevere until you do.


  • Remember it’s not just the skin on your face that needs looking after, low backs, plunging necklines or underwear shoots mean that any skin you show should be clear and bright, so use all over body scrubs and plenty of body lotion.

Source Model Leanne Megson 2


  • And if you've followed all the advice and still the odd spot or dark shadow appears – smile, what else can you do!


Model Leanne Megson

Photos by The Model Camp