Child Portfolio Shoots from Source Models

As an agency we are sick and tired of hearing endless stories about so called 'Photographic studios' ripping off kids/parents looking to get their children into the modelling industry.
Most of the 'agencies' we hear stories of are based in London and are designed to look like Model agencies. All they do is suck you in, offer a 'Cheap' photoshoot and then try to sell you thousands of pounds of imagery, websites and other things a child starting out in the industry doesn't need! 
Not only are the kinds of images they produce outdated, with half the shots in sunglasses sat on steps, they are also pretty much redundant after 12 months or even less as kids change so much as they get older.
At Source Models, we have made it our job to be different. We offer kids portfolios starting at just £150.00, with all images on disk for you, the parent, to do what you want with them.
We have a fantastic agency photographer, Frances Burns and we, as an agency, have full creative input, to make sure the kind of images you end up with are the kind that the industry actually wants.
Child model shoot photo
Here is a recent comment (on our Facebook page) from the parent of one of our child models:
"I can honestly say that Source Models is the most honest, friendly professional agency that my children have been on and still are."
The pictures on this page are from our lastest kids portfolio shoot, take a look at these and across the site at what we do. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested as we have limited spots still available this year...
We shoot on the South coast but have recommended kids photographers in The Midlands and Leeds.
Child model shoot