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Abigail brings a fun and energetic vibe to her family unit of five. The eldest sibling endlessly creates works of art, science experiments and gymnastics displays. A proud member of her local gym squad she uses this practice to ensure she delivers perfection always; a trait she conveys to every task. Abigail's confidence and dedication rarely falters and she enters a local talent show yearly in front of hundreds of people. She is positive and brings an enthusiasm and energy to all work which inspires those around her.
Abigail benefitted from elocution lessons and speaks well (minus the plum in the mouth though!). She is a fish in the water and loves outdoor activities.

She is a perfect 'clothes horse' and looks good in anything. She is graceful and elegant, sporty and toned with fantastic skin and hair.

  • Age: 16

Skills: Gymnastics, Horse Riding,

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