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With approximately 80% of all major commercial castings in the UK being in held in the capital, our office in London's Mayfair is the busiest branch in the Source Models group; providing a link between our Birmingham and Bournemouth offices which cover The Midlands and the South of England.
Our clients in London include casting directors, production companies, photographers and their agents as well as advertising agencies, designers and marketing departments. There are 100’s of studios across the capital and our models spend their days working and casting all over the City, as well as on location all over the UK.
As you can imagine, with so many creative people in one city, London offers a wealth of modelling opportunities including fashion, editorial, catalogue, commercial and promotional. A model or actor may be shooting a lead in a TV commercial one day, having their head 3D scanned for a video game the next, then off to a showroom to fit for a designer!

Source Models - Specialists in Photographic and Commercial Modelling

If you are a client or a model it is important you understand what type of agency to look for, as although we may all represent models, not all the models and model assignments are the same!
Here at Source Models we specialise in what is called ‘ photographic & commercial’ modelling and in London there are lots of opportunities for this type of work. Our talent will appear in TV commercials, on newspaper or magazine adverts and websites as well as attending events and helping to promote products. Our presenters may compère a corporate event or record voice-overs for websites for example.
Basically, the majority of our clients tend to work in the TV, commercial or advertising sector as opposed to the fashion and catwalk industry; although we have few that do cross over. On that basis we tend to have less strict criteria on who we will represent in London as our clients expect us to provide male and female models in all shapes, sizes and colours including kids, adults and classic models, with no upper age limit!
London is a melting pot of different ethnic backgrounds and its important that our range of London models reflects this. Jobs in London may result in images being used globally, and we pride ourselves on offering one of the best choices of ethnic models; including Black African, Afro Caribbean , Asia, Middle Eastern and Caucasian.

How to Apply to Source Models - London

Due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to take walk-ins at our London office, so kindly ask that all new model applications, regardless of experience, are uploaded on to our website first so we can short-list those who may be suitable.
Although it helps to live in London, we are happy to represent artistes who can commute into the city and may represent models from more than one of our locations.

Source Models Ltd. (London Office)

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General enquiries: 01202 510088  London: 0207 692 1860  Midlands: 0121 337 007134 S Molton StLondon, W1K 5RG, UK