Photographers posing as Model Agencies?

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Do a search on Google for ‘Model Agencies’ and you will find lots of websites that all appear to offer promises of work from so called model agencies. Headlines such as ‘Become a Model Today’ or ‘How to be a Model’ and ‘Want to do Modelling’ are there to entice wannabee models. A lot of people searching the net for model agencies are teenagers excited about the so called glamorous world of modelling or Mums and Dads looking to get the kids on the next big TV advert.

Well, some of these so called adverts and websites are not want they seem, most are not reputable agencies at all and in a lot of cases they exist only to extract your hard earned cash with promises of work that they cannot deliver. A lot of them will never deal with a model booking because all they are, are photographers looking to sell expensive portfolios or websites on the basis you may have the potential to be a model. They will then give you a list of numbers or websites of  model agencies who then have to pick up the pieces!! It is rare we see anyone from these studios who has the right look and rarer still that they were given the right commercial pictures. By this time they are hundreds of pounds out of pocket and no closer to getting work!!

So what you should you do? The first thing is to try and get a friend or relative to take some natural digital photos, send them to us or another reputable model agency and they will give you free advice on what to do next. If we feel you have potential we will advise on the right type of pictures to get, if we feel you don’t have what it takes we shall give you honest advice. We get about 100 applications a week to join our agency and only really take on about 10%.

Follow this advice then at worst you will not waste any money and at best you will end up with the right pictures and working for model agencies that actually get paid work!!


Posted 26 May 2010 by David Gibbsgoogle authorship button

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